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Towards the end of last week I could see the stress mounting with the wife and grown chidren; one here locally, one in Texas with children, and one in Georgia who is alone with his awesome dog but afraid he will lose his job due to the economy.

Feeling the stress myself, I was reminded of WWII where families would gather in front of the radio after dinner to listen to a radio show or to a fireside chat from FDR. The content was not important. What was important was the sense of normalicy, and to keep to a routine and be together and not feel alone.

With that in mind I created a text message string with my children which we named Corona Tunes. Each night at 7:00 p.m. ET I send them a Youtube music video starting with some favorite tunes from when my wife and I were first married 40 years ago and living in OKC. I add some personal commentary trying to share with them some thoughts or family history they can look back on. The first night I sent them Tomorrow from Annie.

We made Sunday Night Open Line Request night which was a blast. Now my grand children text me requesting songs we can all share. My 8 year old Grand Daughter requested Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd. Go figure.

The point is not the music. The point is to create some sense of normalicy, keep a routine, and be together so no one feels alone during this crazy time.
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