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Cops & Pull Overs

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When stopped, hand over your CCW & License...<:))

I suppose this would include CCW'ing and being Stopped too...

Read a Police Officer's Mind
Learn what cops are thinking when they pull you over
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i have had 4 traffic stops with handgun present, first was fishing for drunks, i did the traditional, i have a firearm statement as soon as he was in earshot, that wasn't cool. it all sorted out and no harm/no fine etc... my last 3 stops have all been in semi trucks during routine safety inspections, on all 3 i have had the drivers license and ccw card in hand at the window and never spoke a word until the officer recieved them, i found that to work allot better, usually they ask where the handgun is at, and that is it. i also feel the ccw card and a cooperative attitude has saved me allot of grief on the truck inspections, i don't know if it is mutual respect of the firearm, or what, but i always seem to get off easier than the other drivers in the company during these stops.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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