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Cops & Pull Overs

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When stopped, hand over your CCW & License...<:))

I suppose this would include CCW'ing and being Stopped too...

Read a Police Officer's Mind
Learn what cops are thinking when they pull you over
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NYPD in AZ said:
Keep your registration and insurance card on your person this way you don't have to open your glove compartment. I know when I pull someone over that seems a little shady my trigger finger gets itchy when they reach to open the glovebox.
That just might be part of the reason the insurance companies send out two or three cards per vehicle, and will generally give you as many as you ask for. My wife and I each carry one, and a third stays in the visor pocket.

Of course, it helps a lot that I forget my wallet less often than I forget to eat. I always wonder about the special talent cops seem to have for pulling over people who have a license but don't have it on them; in listening to the scanner, that seems to encompass a ridiculously high percentage of their stops.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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