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I was stopped just inside the Texas state line, on my way home from Kalifornia where my daughter was stationed with the Navy. We'd been doing the marathon driving thing, trying to get home. My wife was sacked out in the back of our TrailBlazer on a futon cushion trying to catch a few z's while I pulled my shift driving.

It was around 3am and I was driving 65 mph. I got pulled over by a local LEO at around the 20 mile marker on I-40. When he came to the passenger door, he was VERY cautious, and asked for my D.L. and insurance. I handed over the D.L., my CHL and my insurance. And disclosed that I had a licensed firearm in my possesion.

He explained that he stopped me because I was doing 5 over. After my protest of doing the posted limit, he reminded me that Max speed on Texas highways after dark was 60 mph. I groaned and told him, "Well, I blew it! I totally forgot and I'm guilty" His demeanor had started to change when I gave him the CHL, but it really changed when I admitted that I pulled a boner and I was totally guilty.

He tossed his head back towards my wife who was just starting to stir and said, "She really looks zonked. Ya'll been on the road for a while , huh?" I replied, "Yes, Sir. A lot of hours now." "Well, slow down to 60 mph and stay there until after Amarillo. Those guys in that town don't cut no one any slack! After that you're alright. Incidentally, where's your gun and what is it?"

I told him it was in the fanny pack in the passenger seat, 2 inches under his hands. It was a Taurus 9mm. He looked down through the window at the fanny pack and said, "Hmmph! A 9mm huh? Get rid of that girly, pop-gun and buy yourself a REAL gun. Something starting with a '4'. I carry a .40 because my boss won't let me carry a .44 or a .45... Dirty Harry and all."

He said, "Good night. I got some bad guys to catch. Ya'll drive safe now!" He never once uttered a word about my unrestrained occupant (my wife layed out on the futon mattress). He could have gotten me for at least a $250.00 ticket. Depending on the county, it could have been MUCH higher. He boogied off into the night and so did I.

End of story.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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