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Cops & Pull Overs

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When stopped, hand over your CCW & License...<:))

I suppose this would include CCW'ing and being Stopped too...

Read a Police Officer's Mind
Learn what cops are thinking when they pull you over
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Cool article...
pretty much sums it up in Arizona..
I have alot of Friends that are City, County and State LEOs( thats what happens when you were a Firefighter..lol)
That is pretty much how most of them work..

Love that part at the end about the "Mountain of a Man" getting out of the truck ...
That had to be a site..lol :D :D

I have been stopped a few times( nothing major) and usally i had my gun in my holster....
The first thing i do is put my hands on the sterring wheel and inform him that i have a gun in a holster or i have a CWP and have one concealed..
I have never had a problem because i just wait untill he tells me what he wants me to do... :D
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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