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jigray3 said:
Well, Doc, that's the correct contour to the floor plate, but in your case it looks like the floor plate part of an extension which is attached to the magazine body. Yours also looks to be plastic. Mine is just the aluminum floor plate attached to the steel magazine body. Don't get me wrong, your magazine, provided it is a quality reliable mag, would serve my purpose, but I'd rather have mine as it is a cleaner, more conventional design.

Any idea who makes the one you've pictured, where they are available for the old-style PT-92?
Why, I sure do! They were made by Taurus for the PT92 I used to own. :) The bottom plates are aluminum even though they look like plastic in that pic (I checked last night). The mags are only 10 rounds, though.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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