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Chereeo NVDGhunter, wish I knew all these different model number of Taurus that are quoted.

I'm guessing you will be hunting deer and maybe some porkers. The .44 magnum bust clean through a deer broadside...at least it did at 50 yards for my Ruger.

I would opt for the .44 magnum, maybe in a RB would be my choice. The ultra lites are usually made of materials that don't hold up well from a lot of shooting.

You can get one in 4 or 5 inch barrel, and a shoulder holster would keep it under your coat so brush and limbs won't hurt it.

I'm too old to hunt, but wish you luck in it.

Check out the other thread by Justice4all, his wife proved the point on the RB in .44 magnum.

TB C45
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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