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Confused about Taurus auto models

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I'm looking at some different Taurus autos, and I have a question. Okay, more than one question. Other than mag capacity, what's the difference between the 145, the 745, and the 24/7 compact? Are the actions the same? The really look similar.

Also, I noticed the 945 which is obviously completely different, but I've never seen one in a store. How does it differ internally from the others I mentioned?

On a related note, I'd like to know what people think of the .45 ACP in such a small pistol. Is it hard to handle? I've shot a 1911, and it seems like removing a pound from the gun would leave you with some appreciable recoil.
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The grip circumference on the 745 is obviously thinner than the 145 and 24/7 being it is a single stack. The 24/7 has "ribber" grips which the other two do not offer. The 24/7 also comes with a compact mag and a hi-cap mag (where legally available).

Internally, they are nearly identical.

I have a PT145 and it is a pleasure to shoot. The 45 ACP is a very controllable round in most guns.
Hey NYPD, how are the sights on that millenium pro? Easy to see? How picky was the gun, ammo-wise?
The standard sights are the Heine Straight-8's. Easy to pick up but takes a little getting used to for some. They can be changed out to the 3-dot variety quite easily though.

As far as ammo goes, my PT145 will digest whatever I feed it with one exception. I've had some issues with Cor-Bon JHP's since the mouth on the hollowpoint is so wide. I've had a few of them hang up on me recently so I am avoiding that load for carry. Other than that---no problems.
PT145 and PT745 are 45cal pistols and the 24/7compact is either 9mm or 40cal, I don't think they have released the 24/7 compact in 45cal yet, although I could be wrong. No one has them instock yet and they are not listed on Gunbroker/Gunsamerica either. The PT945, PT909, PT908 and the others in this series are very much like a SIG, and several of these models are no longer in production, making them much harder to find.

I own a PT945 and PT909, both are very nice and are single stack magazine design. Easy to conceal and very nice to shoot, my PT945 has the factory ported barrel. The 24/7 models have one of the most ergonomic (comfortable) grips I have every held on any firearm. If you haven't handguns much and are interested in Taurus brand, I would recommend starting with 9mm for a caliber (affordable, accurate and low recoil). The PT92/99 are an excellent handgun to start with, next I would recommend the 9mm 24/7 standard or longslide (if you can get it). For the 45cal I'd go 24/7 or PT1911, there is just something sexy about a 1911 ;)

If you're wanting compact carry I'd go PT145 or 24/7compact 9mm (45cal when it comes out). Hard to beat a PT145 (45cal) for up close and personal defense and it will accept standard 24/7 full size 45cal mags.

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Nice collection, Drager. I really do like the 1911s, but they're priced a bit past my budget. I've just done a little reading on the PT99 and it sounds like a good reliable auto. I'm wondering how fat the grip is. Back in the late '80s I shot a Beretta M9 and thought the grip was a bit chunky, but I was used to a Glock 17 at the time. Do you feel that the 145 is not as good at a distance as the 24/7? Is that just because of sight radius?
Both my PT1911's were purchased for well under $500.00 and I have noticed, especially lately that Taurus pistols vary widely in price from dealer to dealer. Not sure why either?

I shoot handguns from pointblank to 100yds plus. The 45cal is actually very amusing at 100yds. You can almost shoot, lower the gun and watch the bullet impact (even if it doesn't hit the target), thats slow... The 9mm, 40cal and other higher velocity rounds have a better long range ability then a 45cal pistol and the extremely short barrel just make it worse.

Most people shoot pistols at much less then 25yds, so all of this is a bit irrelevant. The PT145 is an excellent firearm for personal defense, very well suited for Concealed Carry and yes to answer your question, I personally think the extra barrel length of a full size 24/7 45cal will add a bit to accuracy (depending on the shooters abilities).
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