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Concealed holster for PT24/7 Pro .45

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Anyone have any recommendations? I'm not able to really come up with anything that works for me just yet. My jeans waistline is too tight, but I know how to fix that.

I tried an Uncle Mikes #5, it had like velvet-type material on it. Not very concealed, as the gun's grip made a bulge in my shirt whichever way it was pointed.

I've been looking at pancake styles on the net, and that may be the way to go. Any good ones for a 24/7 Pro in .45?
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That big grip is going to be the problem. At least I've found that with service autos. If you can position it at about 2:30 with an OWB and a long shirt, you can hide the grip up around the front of your torso and under your armpit. But you need a high ride, or with a Yaqui style a long shirt. Look at the Fobus paddles just for the heck of it. Behind the hip works better for smaller guns.
If I tuck the gun inside my waistband right in the small of my back, with the grip pointing towards my right side, it feels very comfortable. If I can find a paddle holster that will hold the gun just like that, I'd have to give it a try.
Galco summer comfort IWB is nice. I've got one of those. I also have a DeSantis OWB Speed Scabbard. They both do the job for me.
I decided to try this one.

And he is a couple of me wearing it. (Don't pay attention to the spare tire I am smuggling in these photos.)

It is an Uncle Mike's #5 Super Belt Slide Holster, PN 8605-0. It is very comfortable, standing, walking, or sitting. I especially like that I can reverse it, so that the gun's grip points to the outside. When I reach my right hand back to my right hip, I seem to want the grip to be pointing towards my hand, as I tend to wear my gun just to the right of my spine, not really that close to my hip.

So, what do you guys think? Concealed enough, or too noticeable?
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Looks fine...does it have a metal or pastic clip?
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