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Concealed Carrier stops Robbery - in San Paulo, Brazil

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Kudos to this San Paulo mom and off-duty cop for being armed even when doing something as seemingly mundane as picking up her kid from school. Her actions prevented something potentially devastating!
Note: Posted to Youtube by GOA

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There is a whole series of these on Youtube "Active Self Protection"

Amazing number from Brazil ... must be the Wild West.
Police violence--police violence--sue--sue--sue-sue!
oh never mind that wasn't here in the USA was it?
I say she handled it just fine except she should have popped the guy 2-3 times.
It was nice that the parked motorist drove off and exposed her to possible return fire, then almost ran over her.
she did keep her eye on the ball through all of this , good for her.
as for Brazil ahh you do remember the recent Olympics right?
I was able to visit Costa Rica a few years ago. The young man touring me had an interest in guns, thought America was extremely dangerous and explained how much better his country was.

He later noted that he had been robbed at knifepoint 2-3 times in his 25 years. At 50 I'd never been robbed.

I took special interest in the razor wire and fences on all businesses and homes.

Pretty country though.

Safe? It seems we all feel safer in our own hunting ground and then there is a certain nationalism.
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