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Comptac C-TAC

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I'm thinking to get a Comptac C-TAC for my PT111. I noticed that the warranty is only one year. Does anyone have longer term experience with this kind of holster. Does the kydex crack after time? Does it damage the blue off the gun? Thanks!
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I have several Uncle Mikes Kydex holsters which I really like. They have shown no kind of wear, and one is a couple years old for one of my PT92's. I don't care for the FOBUS holsters because they seem to rub the finish off more then other holsters, but no wear off my Uncle Mikes.
Fobus must be kept clean or it will mar your finish.
I've had my CTAC for roughly 3 years. Its been my daily carry for over 2.5 yrs without any issues.

Here's another thread on them that might give you some more info:

Thanks Steelheart, I saw that one. I am leaning torwards the Comptac. I need something that can withstand lost of sweat (I live in Houston) and that is tuckable. It seems that the big leather manufacturers have a lifetime warranty, so I was wondering about C-TAC, since it has only a one year warranty. I was also looking at the FIST, which seems to be even thinner, but they only have a 30 day warranty, so FIST is off my list. I am also considering the Highnoon Split Decision, but again, I'm not sure it will last and protect my gun like Kydex might.
I wear, and have for years, a Crossbreed as my daily carry. My weapon of choice is a Glock 36. The Crossbreed is very similar in design, but a bit less money. It has a lifetime unconditional guarantee, and frankly, THE most comfortable rig I have ever worn. The kydex used can be heated with a hair dryer, and "tuned" for a more secure, or less secure retention, and the leather forms to your body after just a few days of wear.

My only negative comment on it, is that it is just plain ugly. It is not designed to be pretty, but it is designed to work. Work it does... very well. It can be "tucked"... in other words, the way the clips work, you can tuck a shirt around the gun, yet still access it when need be. I am a huge fan of it... and with just a little practice, you can learn to put it on in a jiffy. My G36 rides silently all day long.

As I said, I have many holsters for all of my guns... several carry rigs for my G36, but the Crossbreed is what I wear every day.

Not trying to sound like a salesman, but check them out... I would be willing to bet, you would not be sorry that you did.



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