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It appears that a Beretta 92/Taurus 92 mag can be converted for use in a 9mm 24/7 with a simple dremel tool and some careful measuring of the magazine catch/notch. Placing the two mags (92's & 24/7) on a table the angle of the mags appears to be different, but I managed to modify and fire a full mag from a Taurus PT92 and a Beretta Storm CX4 (cx4 and beretta 92 use same mag) with no problems what so ever from my 24/7 9mm. This leads me to believe that a Taurus or Beretta in 40cal could work in a 24/7 40cal. and possibly the CX4 Storm 45cal mags. I heard that certain Ruger and Para mags will work too, but I haven't tried any.

Granted there isn't a need for everyone to do this, but if you happen to own alot of Beretta/Taurus mags (about 40 of them) and like me you like to tinker alot ;D ;D

The thing I want to try now is a 20rd PT917 magazine in my 24/7 9mm comapct... ::)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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