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Colt .44 magnum Anaconda w/six inch barrel

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Colt Anaconda, 6-inch barrel, .44 magnum. Has Colt blue case with Colt booklet on this gun. (Belt and holster not included...need it for other guns)

Price is firm at $950.00, plus shipping and transfer to your FFL.

Revolver is in excellent condition, shot very little.

TB C45

More pictures available if you are a serious buyer.
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That certainly is a handsome revolver. I wish Colt would get back to addressing the wants of the civilian market once again, would love to see another production run of the Anacondas and King Cobras.
tracker, there is one on gunbroker current high bid &860.00.
your price is more than reasonable. dan
maybe things will break with the new year.
tracker , i tried to move it for you, my buddy wants to buy a 44 mag.,i told him about yours,he's looking toward a super redhawk.
damn, i got cold chills just looking at that beauty. nice gun dude.

Willing to talk a better price for NYPD AZ.

TB C45
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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