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Every time I see the term "clip", M1 Garand comes to mind. Yeah, I know what is meant, but it's just one of those things that sticks in my craw. Call me a nit picker or whatever. This post is a rant and a vent. :fart:

There, I feel all better now! :angel:

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According to my college ed-ju-mi-nated sister-in-law, detachable box magazines aren't even called "clips". They're called metal thingies that hold lots of bullets. And you stick them in the hole in the handle part of a gun that doesn't have one of those wheels that spin around with bullets in them.

Are you still feeling better, Smokewagon? :D

BTW, my sister-in-law is not anti-gun, which I think is kind of scary, considering she wants to legally carry one of those guns you pull the metal part on top back to load because they look so cool. :D

All right, I'll leave you alone now, Smokewagon. ;D But, truthfully, does the often misused word, "clip" sound so bad now?

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I always learned that clips are for rifles and mags are for pistols...But now i ask "Why"
Guess it is just correct..lol :D
I think now though i am going to start calling them "Metal Thingies that holds lots of bullets"...Yeeee Haaaa... :p
That is way too funny..Wolverine
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