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cleaning firing pin?

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Ok, I've read how to field strip the weapon down and ive cleaned it to the best of my ability... I do have one question about cleaning and that is, does the firing pin ever need to be cleaned and if so, how do i access it... the instruction manual does not go into great detail as to how to accomplish this.

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adam73143 next time you buy a can try the Birchwood Casey spay, they make one that is safe for syn. and rubber. I use it on my firing pins and it blows out all the stuff. I clean the lowers of the PT140 & 24/7 with it and it gets all I have missed with the early cleaning and does no harm.
I've got it at Cabelas, Acadamey, Cheaper than Dirt, etc. It's birchwood casey and it's called Gun Scrubber synthetic safe cleaner, silver cap, 13oz can. If you do your cleaning then use for the follow up a can will last along time. I like it.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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