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This section serves as a service for our membership, to sell firearm related items they no longer need or want.

1. List your location (State) either in the ad, or in your profile.

2. Any ad, whether to buy, sell, or trade, requires a valid member profile.

3. No links to auctions.

4. Please title the post either WTT, WTB, or WTS. If you have an item for sale, that item is required to have a price.

5. We prefer that we keep offers private. We don't have many problems with people making public offers on the forum; but it is probably best to take it to PM or EMAIL. Otherwise it has a tendency to turn into a de-facto auction and clutters up the thread.

6. In a free market a seller can ask whatever amount they want for their item. If you feel their price is out of line, feel free not to buy it and leave no comments.

7. There is no need to post in someone's ad unless you are setting up a deal with the seller, making an offer, or have genuine questions about the item for sale. This will help eliminate potential clutter. Comments for the sake of discussion only, will be removed.

8. Negative posts in a person's ad will be subject to editing or deletion.

9. Ads shall remain clean and uncluttered.

10. Items that are no longer available, whether traded or withdrawn, should have the word "SOLD" attached to the last post in your ad. Leave your ad intact after the item is sold. Mark the post "SOLD", but leave the item description and price for reference purposes.

11. If you wish to have a thread deleted by a moderator, contact one of us and we will discuss it.

12. After you post your ad, you may only bump it (TTT, BTT, etc.) ONCE a day. Obviously you may answer any questions in the thread as needed.

13. Members must have a minimum of 25 posts to participate in the Classifieds.

14. Sales offered as a private enterprise, such as recurring manufactured or obtained items solely for profit, will not be allowed. To do so you must become a supporting vendor. For more information on these types of sales, use the "Contact Us or "Advertise " tabs found at the bottom left hand side of the index page.

15. Please abide by these rules so we don't have any problems.

16. Failure to adhere to these rules will be cause for warning from the staff. In addition, failure to comply may result in further action.

17. If anyone has any questions or concerns about these rules, or has concerns about the content of any post, certainly feel free to PM a member of the staff.

18. "Caveat Emptor". All transactions are strictly between the buyer and seller, TaurusArmed.net makes this forum space available as a service to our members only. It is the responsibility of both buyer and seller to determine the legality of the sale and the quality or condition of the merchandise being sold, and by placing an ad or purchasing any item advertised in the classified section, agrees to hold TaurusArmed.net and it's owner(s) harmless from all liability that may occure between buyer and seller as a result of the use of this forum.
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