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I recently purchased a Circuit Judge 22 and have some questions.
The rear sight was missing and is out of stock from the manufacturer.
The original is made of plastic or some synthetic material and I think sucks.
I bought a complete assembly rear sight for a Remington 700 (made of steel) and fit fine.
The screws it came with where too big though.
The forestock seems to be loose (wiggles side to side) and I have no idea how to adjust it.
The manufacture said it was NOT normal but would not tell me how to fix it...
For a convenient fee of almost a hundred bucks they'd be happy to look at it for me lmao.
I'll be installing a quick release sling retention plate soon and I'll post pictures when I'm done.
Anyone have any useful input that could help of the forestock issue?
PS: here is a link from Rossi to the pdf Manual that includes both the 22 and the 45 Model


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