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I chronyed a couple of loads shot thu my Raging Bull and have to say I'm a bit surprised at how low the velocity readings were :-\

load 1
23gr of H110 befind 245gr copper plated bullet, WLP
Avg. velocity = 1103fps ??? I was expecting around 1450-1550fps.

load 2
10gr of Herco befind 245gr copper plated bullet, WLP
Avg. vel = 790fps :eek: turned out to be a .44SPL load; I was expacting 1100fps min! Alinat lists 805fps from 7.7gr using 246gr L bullet

Are those the number I would likely get from any 6in gun or is (my) Raging Bull produces lower than normal velocities?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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