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Well, I finally picked it up, actually committed to buy this before Christmas but didn't want to take a chance with it getting lost in the delivery with all the holiday packages and cards. It is NIB, I actually paid a small premimum for the black finish, seem most of these were made in the stainless finish.
It has a different feel to it, the width is kind of narrow, the length of the grip is short, but the depth of the sides are long. It would take a fairly large hand for this pistol to feel right in....which luckly I have. The frame is beveled in many different places, the hammer is bobbed, meaning very few edges to snag on clothing if carried for a CCW. It is also very light and comes with Hogue rubber grips allowing for a good grasp and secure hold in your hand. It comes with a manual safety and decocker, which I have become very fond of as of late.
Now if it will just dry up so I can get into the ranch for a little one on one time with it!!!

Click on the photo for a full size picture.

P1110001[1].jpg P1110002.jpg
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