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Nice post.

Charter Arms is the Rodney Dangerfield and a second runner up in the, "No respect. I tell you, I can't get no respect", on the gun forums circuit.

Some models tested by Gun Tests magazine and a few other periodicals failed to fire double action and only fired on single action mode. Things have been recitified since then and this was only on example of the product. Things happen. One should give them a chance.

While there have been times when Charter had quality control problems at times, or took shortcuts for a short time, the product has improved overall.

Having handled and shot a few rounds in both the newer and the older models, it seems like there are serviceable models available and of decent quality.

Do not own a Charter Arms anything.
Recent gun articles indicate a trend towards the good findings for Charter. The company has changed names a few times, but is still viable and doing well.

So, for the lefties, there is a choice.

Seems like a good deal.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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