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Change in calibers

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Why has taurus stopped making rifle calibers other then .17 and .22 in revolvers? And I find the discontinuing of the 45 acp and 45colt trackers rather disturbing as these two guns were excellent and useful.

Anyone else unhappy that the only option to using 45 colt in a taurus is the "Gaucho", the 454 casull and the 45 colt/410 revolvers?

The gaucho seems nice but double action is alot better in a gun fight with semi automatic pistols. I would be tempted to consider the 6.5 inch barreled 45 colt/410 "judge" if I had a way to know just how accurate they are.. like say can i sit down and get accuracy with a box of 45 colt ammo, or is it a 410 slug gun/bird shot gun?
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If Taurus drops a model, it's probably because it isn't selling. They do seem to like to drop a model all too often, though. I was wanting a titanium .41 mag tracker, only offer the .41 in steel now, I believe. But, I'd probably never save enough up anyway.

Don't count on "the judge" being very accurate. All that free bore in my contender turns a normally 1 MOA gun into a 7 or 8 MOA gun.
I was really bumed to learn they droped their .45 revolvers. I was kinda wanting a .45acp snubie. almost as small as my 605.
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