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I am looking for a conceal weapon that only has to be used for that, I got plenty of range guns. It has to be compact, no DA only (so no Glock), .45, no 9mm or .40. Also the price has to be right (so no Sigs).

I narrowed down my list to the following guns:

Tanfoglio Witness Compact .45: True DA/SA, good price, decent quality, decent size

Taurus Millennium Pro .45: Unique DA/SA, very good price, decent quality, great size

Magnum Research Baby Eagle .45: True DA/SA, decent price, good quality, but larger

At the moment I'm leaning towards the Taurus because of its size and my good experience with Taurus. The Tanfoglio is a great alternative but holds 2 less rounds and it's a bit bigger. The Baby Eagle is the best built but it is larger and much heavier.

Any hints are appreciated
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I carry the PT145 for the very reasons you list. :thumb:
From what I know; all three would be good choices in terms of quality; so go with what fits you better. Sounds like you are leaning towards the Pro; go for it!
I got the Taurus Millennium Pro .45 in August and have been carrying it since...even in my shirt pocket! Great little .45...

I'd go for the Mill Pro but in .40, ok guys I know I'm wrong about the caliber. :D
I went out looking for a Millennium Pro when I was looking for my latest pistol. I ended up with a PT 24/7...it just fit my hand better, and it ended up being my purchase. I say check them both out, you'll be surprised. Its not much larger than the Millennium Pro except in grip size.
Artiedog said:
I got the Taurus Millennium Pro .45 in August and have been carrying it since...even in my shirt pocket! Great little .45...

Those are some big shirt pockets!

Or you could go to the single stack PT1911 it's not to hard to conceal.
Well... in the budget compact .45 market there are not many options. 1911s are out due to price, as are customs, an most other nice name-brand offerings. From what I have seen the PT145 or smaller PT745 will be about what you are looking for.

In the end, get what fits your hand best and then test it thoroughly to establish it's reliability.
The PT 145 is on my short list to get. I have the PT 1911 and its great but full size. I have a XD-9 I like a lot it shoots dead on. So go with what fits the best.
I have a PT145 got about 700rounds of various ammo through it. Only issues have occurred becuase it is the 1st semiauto I have own(yeah I did it limpwrist). But the last 350-400 rounds have been without error. Love the gun and it will be my carry weapon after I get my CCW permit. Stopping power, rounds available, size, reliable....price....PT145 best bang for your buck.
I'd recommend the Pro for another reason beyond whats mentioned above. The size will make it easier to conceal/carry every day. It's a nice size to be an "always gun". As in, its always with you. This is what I consider my subcompact XD to be.

PT145 has everything you want
NickNitro hopefully you have found a firearm that works for you by now.

The PT145 is a good price point and a great place to start. If you have more money, then a Springfield Compact XD45 would work. Only problem, as you mentioned, is this is DOA in the XD. Side by side comparison.....

Specs on the PT145:

Length: 6-1/8"
Width: 1.25"
Height: 5.125"
Weight: 22.2 oz
10 + 1 magazine
MSRP: $436.00 (Taurus Website)

Specs on the XD45:

Length: 7.3鈥
Height: 5" or 5.75" w/Extended Mag
Weight: 29 oz or 30 oz w/Extended Mag
10 + 1 or 13 + 1 w/Extended Mag
MSRP: $589.00 (Davidson's)
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