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CCW class tomorrow with the wife

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My wife and I take the CCW class tomorrow woohoo!

I was at the range today and watched a guy purchase a Kel Tech KSG, I was like AH OOH AH! I didnt know you could place an order! Why didnt someone tell me this! Theres a waiting list but I can wait, I have more time than money : )
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You got to see a KSG in person?! That's almost as rare as spotting Bigfoot himself.

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Pay attention in your class. You'll learn lots of good stuff!
Congrats, and good luck to you both!
I'm sure y'all will do fine.
Good luck on your class! Let us know how you two did when it is over. You will do just fine.
You got to see a KSG in person?! That's almost as rare as spotting Bigfoot himself.
I have never laid eyes on the KSG...But, I have seen Bigfoot. And, yes I am talking the real Bigfoot creature. Yes, I was sober....too young to drink anything stronger than soda pop. And, I was not the only one to see him.
Good luck, Have fun,Enjoy but behave yourself...
Learn lots and have fun.
I hope your class is at least as much funas my 13 hours were last weekend.

Our shooting was not what I expected.
Aim at the target to the left of yours. Then scan all the way to the target to the right of yours. Then scan back to your own target and let loose two rounds. All while marching in place.
Because in Ohio you must be in retreat when you fire at the BG.
Class was fun! We both did well. We both opted to shoot the provided M & P 22 semi autos. I took my PT 740 but hey saved my ammo!

Lots of good information, our instructor was very knowledgeable and funny. If you're in the Nashvile area I can recommend The Nashville Armory as a great place to take classes. I think they are a bit more expensive but its a nice environment. This past summer I took my wife to a place called NRange in Rivergate and while its a nice shop the range left a bit to be desired, very small, very loud, not "state of the art" OK for me but the wife wasnt impressed.

Anyway, a good day was had, anytime I get to go to the range is a good day!
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It's Great you two enjoy each others Company and have a common Bond! My Congrats
Congrats to both of you for taking the class and having fun doing it.
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