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The latest Taurus manual for the polymer pistols lists the following maximum equivalency (if the bullet weight increases the muzzle velocity must drop... and if the muzzle velocity increases the bullet weight must drop)

.32 ACP
.380 ACP
9mm PARA
.40 S&W
.45 ACP

71 GR
95 GR
124 GR
180 GR
230 GR

905 FPS
1000 FPS
1225 FPS
985 FPS
835 FPS

“Plus-P’, “Plus-P-Plus” or other ultra or high velocity ammunition generates pressures significantly in excess of the pressures associated with standard ammunition. Such pressures may affect the useful life of the firearm or exceed the margin of safety built into many pistols and could therefore be DANGEROUS.

All the newer generation JHPs were designed to deform or expand at velocities in the low range between 680 feet per second to about 720 feet per second.

Federal Classic Hi Shok, Federal Hydra Shock, CCI Gold Dot, and Winchester standard pressure have very good real world street record for stops.

+P can be an iffy thing. Like the .357 magnum out a short barrel the net gain in foot pounds of energy is not that great over the standard pressure rounds. This with an increase of muzzle flash, unburned powder burning outside the barrel, and an increase in recoil. Not to mention acclerated wear and tear on the frame and major components in the gun. Reading the advertised velocity for each different round is a good idea. Factory specs are usually a little over stated for most, but not all ammo. Not true for Corbon or Black Hills. If you have no chronograph to actually test each bullet's speed for the various brands, then either go with what is on the box or better yet, just stay away form the +Ps altogether.

At least do not take the chance if you do not know the velocity of a particular brand of high speed ammo. Your life,safety, and the well being of others is to important to take unnecessary foolish risks.

So pick several loads and try them for fit, function, and accuracy. Then go with the one you trust and feel confident you are well protected. Stay away form the newspaper, gelatin, and other media performance test results. The tests somewhat are like flesh, but are not exact replicas for flesh.And penetration is not the last word in wounding. Standard pressure loads will penetrate and wind up under the skin on many of the cases from opposite where the bullet entered the body. If the bullet exits the body of the attacker and hits anyone else or anything else, you are liable for that death, substantial injury, or damage.

Life is precious. Keep it that way folks. If life isn't precious and "things happen,man", don't carry a gun. People like that are not to be trusted.

This FAQ was the product of the group effort of all the moderators of Taurus Armed.
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