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I just had a thought while posting in another thread on the Revolver subforum in regards to the ill-fated Taurus View, an extremely small/lightweight Revolver chambered in .38 Special.


It was an interesting concept, but ultimately failed because, as you can probably imagine it was reportedly extremely uncomfortable to shoot, very difficult to shoot accurate with such miniscule grips/hefty recoil, and obviously with such a short barrel it wasn't doing the .38 Special any favors in terms of performance.

That being said, I believe that the concept held promise, which is evident given the success of the North American Arms Mini Revolvers chambered in .22LR/.22WMR, especially since the release of the Sidewinder which has a swing-out cylinder, ergo if Taurus were to rebuild the Taurus View in .22LR/.22WMR, then it could be very profitable. Not only would it 1-UP the NAA Sidewinder with its Double Action Trigger, (which would be comforting given the inherently lesser reliability of rimfire cartridges, but the size of the cylinder when bored for .22cal ammo would greatly increase its capacity.

Personally, if Taurus were to offer a new Taurus View in .22WMR, then I would certainly be interested, seeing as I'm already interested in the NAA Sidewinder.
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