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Brief History of gun control

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I don't know if this has been posted or not. I didn't put this on the political forum because I truly believe that this is apolitical. Maybe the following personal observations put it into the realm of politics. If so, my apologies to the Mods. I've read a lot of reports both pro and con. I believe in the concept of knowing what your enemy is thinking - it makes your strategy more relevent. This report really picks the fly crap out of the pepper. What it does say is that gun control not only does not work, it makes things much worse where ever it is instituted. Contrary to popular belief, many of our legislators are not stupid. Dishonest, wiley, canny, devious and other adjectives, perhaps. But not stupid. This gives pause to examine just why so many are adamant about taking away our guns. I have my opinions. I'll leave you up to your own conjecture.

If those who wish to take guns away from law abiding citizens would read this report, it might add a little perspective to their mindset (although "mind" is a waste with many politicians). Particularly telling are the statistics about murders committed with rifles. Also the charts which show decline in violent crimes when gun bans are lifted. I realize I'm preaching to 1) the choir and 2) in many cases the blissfully ignorant. Nonetheless, here's an very interesting and unbiased report:

A Brief and Bloody History of Gun Control
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This would be a good read for the anti-gun crowd but I bet they already know these stats but since it doesn't forward their agenda, statistics don't matter
Unfortunately most liberals have their minds made up. The trouble is they don't go with logic they go with feelings. It makes them feel good to pass gun control because they feel they're done something to stop the problem, statistics be damned.

God save us from those who are trying to save us from ourselves.
I would agree,for some reason these people thing the government works for them .Not sure if they have looked at the approval ratings lately,but the facts say otherwise.
I do not care who is to blame,I just want it fixed.

Thanks for sharing.
The link did not work for me. Tried a google search and similar problem.

Did come across an interesting time line article on gun control in USA. Gun Control Timeline - U.S. Government Info/Resources
Good article but I will not matter to the lib's as they have their own agenda and it includes removing God and Guns from our culture....

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Great article... I wish more people would read it with an open mind. I'm probably more on the liberal side of the spectrum as far as my politics go, but I'm staunchly opposed to gun control. I've traveled to Mexico numerous times and despite the strict gun control.... all the cartels have huge amounts of fire power... much of it military grade that's not even available for purchase in the US. While average citizens can't effectively purchase a simple revolver.

It's too bad actual facts don't get reported in the news.

Thanks for sharing the link.
Thanks for posting this, however we are beating a dead horse to deaf ears.
Dug around a bit without finding much about actual origins but I know laws were passed in the south to prohibit slaves from owning guns. Back in the 1840s.
Great! The link worked for me today! Thanks it's a great article, and gonna pass it around to get it out there more.

This was a great article, thanks so much for sharing. I wish everyone could read this and have an actually informed opinion from the so-called 'left'.
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