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BREAK FREE CLP question.

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Do any of you folks use the Break free CLP spray on your revolvers. It seems like a good way to go for quick and simple cleaning and lubrication unless the gun is in just really bad shape. Some feed back please if you will with perhaps some pros and cons from those who use it. Thanks. Karl
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I use CLP as my only cleaner and lube. I use it on both my revolvers and autos, with no issues thus far. The only short coming that I have found with it is that it doesn't remove copper fouling. I used CLP foaming bore cleaner for that.
I use it to clean the internals. I let it sit for a while and the wipe off most of it. A drop or two of oil and good to go.
I only use CLP in my mini/travel cleaning kit. For normal use I prefer to use a product that focuses on 1 job, vs trying to do everything.

I like BreakFree CLP as a lubricant, but not as a cleaner. I've found that Hoppe's and Wipe Out do a much better job at bore cleaning, and CLP does a much better job as a lubricant.
First thing I do is remove the grip on my 66 then use PB blaster liberally .For lube Corrosion X cant be beat for south Louisiana humidity.I enjoy shooting this revolver,Taurus 66 4" Matte SS,but i will have to admit,practice is definetly needed :)
Breakfree is good for a lube but lousy as a cleaner. I have a good solvent hoppes no 9 then I lube. Also I am experimenting on a good copper remover right now I had break free foaming bore cleaner but it tood too many applications for me to like it bought some stuff on one salesmen's recomendation at sportsmens warehouse and I will give it a try after my next range session.
I have used CLP for years as both cleaner and lube. I am starting to get a little more picky about the cleaning of my firearms and am now starting to try other cleaners, but I intend to keep clp as my lube.

For a REAL QUICK clean-up I use Birchwood Casey's Gun Scrubber. Works for me as it blasts away just about all the crud. They actually make a synthetic safe version now and I've used that on all my polymer pistols with no negative effects.
I have always used it as a lube but never a cleaner(guess i never thought about it , i have always used Hoppes#9)
Now i use a synthetic lube and cleaner in one(and boy does it work) ;)
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