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Well add me to the list here. I received my 92 in 44 mag on Wed 5/29. Shot first time today with Winchester 240 gr 44 mags. After the first 12 rounds could not reload the rifle past 1 round. Over 10 min could not figure it out. Then after someone asking about it. Noticed the magazine tube was about 2" forward of the muzzle.

After getting it home and tapping the tube back in. I tried to reinstall the mag cap screw and noticed it lifting the magazine tube away from the barrel. It was not going in the hole in the barrel. Even turing the screw 90 and 180 degrees the screw would always be forward and slightly left of the hole. I found this site by doing an online search. Found quite a few complaints over the mag tubes sliding forward. Most believe the screw / pin was jumping the hole made for it in the barrel. But mine appears to not even line up. Close, but doesn't. Only have 12 rounds through it and have to send it in. :(:( It seems quite a few people skip the warranty service and do their own repairs. Guess they don't have coffidnece in the design, and it repeating. But most of the fixes shorten the capacity of the magazine. I bought the long barrel specifically for the capacity.

Glad the fourm is here. Also own a 738 and a Rough rider from the Taurus family.
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