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Brand new, Broke the safety off (??)

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Got a Pt-745 a little while ago, and just took it out to shoot for the second time. First time was just to give it a quick once-over: After field strip, clean and lube, took it to the farm and just shot a couple of mags to give it a try. Great shooting gun, very pleasant for such a small package. Nice.

--Then, today I took it to the range for the first time and the safety just broke off. Didn't come out of the gun; the lever that you put our thumb on to take the safety off and on just broke off right where it connects to the part that extends in to the frame. Everything's going fine, and I finished the third mag and set the gun down with the slide locked back. Then I looked down and noticed something wrong. The safety was gone. Closer look revealed that the outside part --the lever-- had just broken off where the bend is. The rest was still installed. Found the broken part under the bench.

After checking carefully, I decided the safety was still intact -- just the external control lever was gone. I couldn't put the safety on; but, except for that, the gun should work ok. The next mag, the gun jamed after the first round, which alarmed me for a bit. Round just jammed on the feed ramp. Only failure the whole day. Other than that, I shot another maybe 50 rounds without incident. Everything went fine after, except I was now a little paranoid, so very cautious. All seems ok except for the broken-off safety lever.

So how could that happen?? And how can I get another safety put on without sending it in? (Don't want to send the gun back to Taurus unless I have to, since turn-around seems to take a long time.) Anyone ever had that happen? Any advice will be very much appreciated. Thanks.
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I would call customer service, and be nice, have your serial #, date of purchace and any info. maybe needed. Ask them if they can send you a part and offer to return the old one. I called on 1 site screw on my 24/7 and they sent me 2, no charge. I got them in 8 business days. Be nice.
Thanks, texas shooter. Good to know they might just make it right with no hassle. After this, it may be longer than usual before the gun takes its intended place for concealed carry -- but if it turns out as good as it felt at first, I won't mind going through the rounds necessary to feel confident in it. I agree, always good advice to be nice, too. You can always be mean if you really need to, but if you go to mean first, you've exhausted other options -- and probably destroyed their motivation to help (been there a time or two myself, from both sides). I'll let you know how it goes.
It can't hurt as I say be nice, it will get you further. I am not familiar with this model, but there are ones on here that are. I would say it is NOT common, and I hate to hear of this. You came on not saying all the bad we hear, things break, so go about it nice and let me know how it goes, hope it's fixed soon !!!
Will do, texas shooter, and thanks again. I'll let you know.
By the way, just some speculation from a new guy: There are some good customer service stories out there, too, as I recall. Maybe Taurus expanded too fast, got surprised with problems, got swamped and haven't caught up ... yet. Not the best business, but sometimes it happens with all good intentions. At any rate, the individuals on the other end of the line may not be at fault, and in fact may be bailing as fast as they can.

Also, I knew the situation pretty well going in (thanks largely to you good folks on this forum), so I bought with my eyes open. The gun configuration is a really good one for what it is, it handles much better than I expected, and it was priced very low. That's all good stuff. Thanks for listening.
Hey that's what all of us are here for, wish it had not happened. I hope some more post on this model, like I say don't know it, but bet there are here that do. Hope the hoiidays don't slow it down, Merry Christmas and good shootin.
You too, texas. Best.
Please let us know how it comes out, don't have to reply to this, just let us know, Merry XMas to yall.
Just wanted to follow up on how my story went with the broken safety. Called Taurus and they were nice and said no problem, send in the safety and we will send another out. Alternatively, send the pistol and they would replace it and send back. Crossed my mind they could have just sent it out, but fair enough; so far so good. And they were nice to deal with.
Hit a turn, though when I called the gun shop where I picked up the gun to set it up with them. Background: Back when I bought the gun, the shop suggested I buy online with a deposit and pick up at their shop, where I paid the rest. Better price, and they didn't have the 745 on hand anyway.
I'm sure some of you know about this, but it was new to me. Turns out this online company, Davidson's (www.galleryofguns.com), has a set up where they give a code number to associated shops and you can get a better price going in with the code. Then, Davidson's stands behind the gun themselves.
No problems with Taurus, they sounded like they would do right, and their turn around on parts sounds fine, from some other posts I'm seeing here.
On the other hand, the shop sent the gun back to Davidson's and they just sent a new one. I have the impression I may not have to even cover shipping, but may have heard that wrong. It is in, and I pick it up as soon as I can break away for long enough to get over there and get it. Happy guy.
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Sounds like you came out awesome !! Thanks for sharing this. Sounds like Davidson's stands behind their sales.
Well Davidsons, stood behind my first PT111, which had a defective ramp, and other problems. Replacement took 24 hours from time they were told, NO costs involved for me. Then the replacement had a broken or defective mag, it was replaced asap, by delivering dealer, and Davidson's again NO cost to me.
Glad to hear this dugo.
i really find it horrendous that this could happen in the first place.. everyone else is worried about getting a 2 dollar part fixed for free.

seriously how did QA miss that? how do they miss any of it.. theres no excuse and i can guarantee you they will fix it.. rather they want you to send it in or not i dont know..

if i made a gun whos safety broke within a few 100 rounds i'd be embarrassed and wouldn't want it to get out..

the safety lever must have been serious and obviously flawed, it's quite despicable that it ever left the factory that way.

ok rant off
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