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Brand New 24/7 .45 compact miss feeding, jamming and not loading correctly

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Alright guys, so i bought my brand new 24/7 .45 C about April 1st, by the time i took it out to the range to try was a week later. the gun kept jamming every other round and the slide wouldn't return all the way. I sent it to Taurus warranty and i just got it back. went to the range toady and still miss feeding, jamming and not loading the bullets correctly. I have attached a few pictures of what it looks like below.
Called Taurus warranty again and the lady on the phone told me i would need to send my magazine in and it would take them 5 weeks to send me a replacement to try and see if that would fix the issue.

Any idea on what it could be other than the magazine ? I am really disappointed here as it's a brand new firearm yet has problems from day 1.


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For extraction/ejection problems: Check out the extractor for any damage. You could slide an empty casing between the extractor and slide to see how tight it holds the case. If the extractor won't hold it you may have a bad extractor. If Taurus replaced the extractor it would be annotated on the accompanying work order. Even if it was replaced if it won't hold the case it won't eject properly

For feed problems: If you have an additional magazine try it and see if the problem is related to one mag or both. Another thing you might try is to fire with the magazine against the table with some downward pressure to ensure the mag release or magazine is not worn or damaged. If and the mag could sit low enough to effect the feed.

If I have misstated any information, others with more knowledge, will be along to correct and add troubleshooting help.
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You might be experiencing some limp wristing here. No offense, but even experienced shooters need time to adjust to a new pistol. Make sure you are holding the gun tight, with a firm grip using both hands. Another thing to try is different ammo. That may be hard to do since ammo is hard to find, but a new gun needs time to break in and it just may not like that ammo. If you sent it to Taurus, they do test fire them after they do any repair, so logic would tell me it is either the ammo you are using or you.
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I tried both magazines that came with the firearm and it looks like both magazines have issues but the larger one (12 rds) is the one that always has issues.
I guess it could be me, this is not my first time shooting a firearm though and I have owned a pt140 for 4 years and never had a single jam with it. That's why I feel like it might not be me at all. I have yet to try new ammo since like you said, ammo is hard to get.
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