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G3, G2C, PT92, 24/7 Pro C DS
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So yesterday my LGS had a G3 in stock, priced at $299.

I love my G2C as my EDC.

But I have been casually keeping an eye open for a G3 to replace my PT92 as my nightstand gun.

Because I wanted a full-size matching platform with the added 20-32 Round capacity, with a light/laser combo for home.

I tend to prefer private sale through someone I know (or at least from someone who knows someone I know...) to avoid the 4473 - especially with Chipman now around.

But most stores around me have been continuously sold of the G-line since the pandemic started.

20M new shooters and most of them are looking for a reliable "budget gun" to get started.

Anyway, this store had one in stock, fairly priced.

And since I had an easy day at the business yesterday, I decided to take the afternoon off and go get it.

Everything went according to plan, until a senior couple came up behind me.

They heard me talking to the clerk about my love for the G2C... and they must have seen my printing when I was leaning over the glass counter comparing the G3 to the Glock 19.

That's when they asked me the same question my wife did earlier in the day:

"If you already have a G2C, why do you want to buy a G3?"

After explaining my reasoning (same as above), with the added comments about the Lego-like magazine compatibility...

They confessed that they had come into the store to buy a G2C...

But after hearing my justification, they decided to buy a G3 instead!

To my surprise, the LGS actually had TWO G3's in stock...

So while I was grabbing a few more OEM 17 rnd mags and was ringing up, they were off to the side filling out their own 4473.

That's why I guess you could say I bought AND sold a G3 at the same time yesterday.

Now if only I were able to talk the clerk into giving me half the commissions... 😎

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" To my surprise, the LGS actually had TWO G3's in stock... "

Yea, they always say 'Just one left in stock' for the high-pressure buy-it-now sale, until someone else also wants one...then suddenly they've got a half-dozen more in the back room.
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