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I agree that there is no perfect handgun caliber and no perfect handgun round. In fact, a person is wise to keep a shotgun loaded with buckshot near the bed at night, rather than a pistol, but, I digress...

We only have so many options when it comes to handgun calibers and a person has to choose the caliber that they are most comfortable with and the one that they can SHOOT the best. Some people shoot a 9mm better, due to less recoil, and some people shoot a .45 ACP better due to the "push" of the recoil rather than a "snap." But, only you can make that choice.

I saw a telephone book that was shot with a hollow point .380 and was impressed with the power. However, as well know, the .380 is marginal for defence purposes. Yes, many people have been killed with a .22 or a .32, but the optimal word here is "STOPPING" power. Having someone die 24 hours later at the hospital isn't going to do you any good if they are coming after you with a knife or gun.

So, what does all this mean? It means I would love to see what happened to your encyclopedia!!!

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