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today i went looking for a mag pouch for carrying concealed as well as using in IDPA and ended up with buying blackhawk. im totally satisfied with it. i was actually looking for a mag pouch for my XD40, specifically the XDgear double mag pouch. luckily they were out of stock of the paddle version and just had the belt clip one. the guy showed me some others that didnt really fit the mag well and then pointed me towards the blackhawks.

when i told him that i was looking for one that could fit my PT145 he handed me the same one. i took out my loaded mag and stuck it in the mag pouch...fit like a glove, perfect. he put an XD40 mag in and it fit perfectly as well. i ended up buying 2 single mag pouches with the carbon fiber design on them. they perfectly match my CQC serpa holster for the XD and also fit the PT145 mags perfectly.

this is a great buy if you are looking for a nice mag pouch for the mil pro...get it if you need it, i highly recommed them over the fobus and other brands. btw i paid $17.95 each, dont know if it was high or not...didnt really care at the time.
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