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Black Powder

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Has anyone here loaded blackpowder cartridges? I think I know how, but would like to hear from someone with hands on experience.
Specifically .45colt, single action.
I shoot a .44 cap and ball pistol that is a hoot to shoot and I know that prior to 1895, cartridges were loaded with black powder.
Love that smoke and smell. :fart:
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NativeTexan said:
The soft lube is to keep the the residue soft. You can virtually fill the case as much as it'll hold. A drop tube would dump a little more in the same space. I'd just use a Lee powder scoop, myself. That's what I use with my Ruger Old Army cap and ball when I don't wanna mess with the powder flask.

Having played with cap and ball revolvers for 35 years, I'll use smokeless in my .45 Colt, thanks. :D BP is fun, fun, though, make no mistake! There are plenty of reasons to do it with a .45 colt beyond even SASS competition. Still, I get my thrills with the ROA and a .31 Remington CVA I have. I'd like to get another Remington, but no cap and ball can come as close as a Ruger Old Army for perfecton. It'll shoot better than a LOT of smokeless cartridge guns and it won't crud up even in 100 firings without cleaning. Accuracy remains at about 1.5" at 25 yards with a 220 grain Lee cast conical. The cylinder has a flange at the front designed to keep fouling out of the cylinder pin area. I had a Colt Navy clone that would crud up around the cylinder pin in about 50 rounds and slowly freeze up requiring cleaning. No matter, easy to pull the barrel off, and it ain't like you can reload it in any semblance of speed. LOL! My old stainless old army, before it got ripped off, was neat. I had a rubber pachmayr on it. I'd come home, pull the cylinder out, stick it in the dish washer, and it got spotless! :D I mean, how easy can clean up be????
So what you're saying is just fill the case? I know not to leave an air space. In my cap and ball I can't put to much powder in it. If I do the only problem is that I can't seat the ball.

Or, should one use fillers in the cartridge to eliminate the air space? ;D
I hope you guys don't cause me to blow up my Vaquero. :drool:
Loaded some black powder cartridges yesterday and gave them a try. Most fun I've had with my single action in a while. May never shoot smokeless in it again. And no they are not pipsqueak loads. Man what a sound! :thumb:
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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