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Black Powder

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Has anyone here loaded blackpowder cartridges? I think I know how, but would like to hear from someone with hands on experience.
Specifically .45colt, single action.
I shoot a .44 cap and ball pistol that is a hoot to shoot and I know that prior to 1895, cartridges were loaded with black powder.
Love that smoke and smell. :fart:
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mike venturino at handloader magazine does alot of blackpowder cartridge shooting. another guy you might try is ranch over at handloads.com. even greybeard at greybeards outdoors.

i myself have no experience,although that may change. i understand some states allow 45/70 loaded with blackpower cartridges during their muzzleloader season.

good luck dan
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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