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Beware of online ammo sites!

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I recently thought I got a good deal on buying 38spl ammo from an online website. After they contacted me weeks later realizing they sent extra ammo, I informed them for the cost of me missing work to send the ammo back to them(as I can't rightly sit ammunition unguarded on my porch) I would be happy to assist them in correcting their mistake. I didn't think anything of it until this morning when I found an unauthorized charge on my credit card by them for the extra ammunition. This goes to show that giving your credit card out on the phone can come back and bite you in the arse. Not all businesses are honest and do not live up to the caliber(so to speak) one would expect. Beware of J&G Sales out of Prescott, AZ.
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No offense, but did you think you were going to get the ammo for free?? Sounds like they charged you the right amount for the ammo you recieved, it was just more than you ordered right? I don't think that makes them dishonest, on the contrary; I think it makes you the dishonest one for refusing to send it back and expecting not to pay for it.

If I have misinterpreted the way things went down, my apologies.
I agree that you should be expected to pay for what you buy, but it was their mistake not "gunzrfunz" error. I see he mentioned he offered to assist them in correcting "their" mistake, but no mention of what they expected him to do, other then pay for the extra ammo (that he didn't order). Also, you didn't mention how much ammo you purchased or how much extra ammo you received?

I personally would report this to your credit card company as an "unauthorized" charge on your account (because that is exactly what it is) and see what happens from their. It is "ILLEGAL" for them to charge your account without your permission!!! Odds are you will not be paying for the charge, will not be purchasing any more items from J&G Sales, which it sounds like you weren't going to do anyway.

J&G can then dispute your claim of unauthorized charge... but usually they will not, and they will most likely lose anyway. Also, there is the Better Business Bureau to report this too also, which I would.


I personally have not used J&G Sales, I have seen their adds in Shotgun News. However I have had business make mistakes in both their favor and mine when buying things, I usually try to work out a solution with them, if possible. If not possible, I will not be the one getting burned...
No offense, but did you think you were going to get the ammo for free?? Sounds like they charged you the right amount for the ammo you recieved, it was just more than you ordered right? I don't think that makes them dishonest, on the contrary; I think it makes you the dishonest one for refusing to send it back and expecting not to pay for it
I ordered and payed for 500 rounds. When 1000 rounds arrived, YES, I thought I got 500 rounds for free. I order 500, got 1000. Their mistake, not mine. I never said I refused to send back, on the contrary. I told them I would send back, but wouldn't leave unattended on porch until Fedex arrived. That makes ME responsible for THEIR mistake. I told them to reimburse me for time missed at work. No reply until this morning when I noticed they charged my cc w/o authorization for ammo I didn't order. Perhaps someone should charge your cc w/o YOUR auth and see how your opinion will vary from now.
It's called "drop it off at FedEx you lazy bastard".

They made an error, asked you to send it back. You threw a fit (like it or not, you did), and did not send it back. Reimburse you for work? Are you serious?

The company then charged you for the ammo they NICELY ASKED YOU TO RETURN. If you're still pissed off about being a jerk, call them and tell them you want a refund to your card when you send back the ammo.

Or you could just suck it up, wuss. There's more to this than you're letting on.
Your abusive rant was neither justified or called for. Who said anything about them asking nicely? perhaps just your imagination? Anyway, your post has been reported to moderator for Personal attacks and abusive language. It's a shame you can only be a tough-guy online as in person I'm positive you would not be so brave.
Mmmm...sounds like what I said had a ring of truth to it, and struck a nerve. I would hardly call "lazy bastard", "jerk", and "wuss" to be abusive language. In fact, I've seen G rated flicks with stronger language. Either way, you're taking way more offense to a simple "stop being lazy" response than you should be. Which leads me to believe that you're just being stubborn about the whole situation. You're lucky the company even called you and asked for you to return said merchandise before they charged you for it. Yet here you are, complaining about a situation that is extremely easy to diffuse, and whining about someone telling you that you are, in fact, wrong.

Here's a list of useful information you neglected to include in your original post:

1.) The date you made the purchase.
2.) The date you received double what you ordered.
3.) The fact that you understood they sent you extra, and instead of being an honest person, you let it go. I mean come on, they sent it...why shouldn't you keep it for free?
4.) The date the company called you.
5.) What was said in the conversation.
6.) The time in-between the conversation with the company representative, and the date they charged your account for the merchandise you had not paid for.
7.) What you paid for the original 500rds.
8.) What you paid for the additional 500rds you failed to return.

I feel that if all of these steps had been included in your post, it not only would have made more sense, it would have prevented people from calling you out on it. However, you gave quite vague references to what you were trying to cry about, and I responded with what I feel is a stern but common sense post. I find it quite humorous that you only respond to one point I brought up, and then you attacked me about being "a tough-guy online". I'm not going to get into an argument with some internet kid about who would kick who's ass in a real fight. Sorry, but I just don't roll like that. If the moderators of the forum feel that my original post was too "abusive", and full of "personal attacks", then I will be more than happy to take my opinions to a Firearm forum that is not for children.
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You really needed the dates of purchase and etc to make an informed opinion? Get real.
you say you "don't roll like that" indicates YOUR age, as I am alot older so there goes THAT point as well. Your post includes WAY too many misguided tangibles to get into, so I won't bother further.
This has gone far enough. This forum is not the place for this type of behavior. This thread is locked.
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