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If you a snubbie revolver then the Glaser/Magsafe/Beesafe is a good way to go. These will pass through bone and dump their payload inside the attacker/s.
These will pass through even heavy clothing and do their jobs.

These loads will impact much lower on target than with convential ammo. This is not written in stone. There are exceptions but are the general rule. Check point of impact on target with whatever load you choose before using for relying on it for defense.

Glaser Blue nose drives in 4 to a bit over 7 inches into human flesh. It's been found adequate for most actual shooting scenarios it's been used in.

Glaser Silver drives several inches deeper and has larger shot for deeper penetration. Cone of dispersion of payload is more football shaped than for the Blue nosed Glaser.
If Glaser or Magsafe hit at a oblique angle or straight on to something solid (other than human flesh) the payload is dumped doing little or no damage to the anyone else.

Most civilian defense shootings indoors are frontal shots or close to it on the attacker.

Average male torsos are approximately 9.3-9.7 inches in depth.

Even with longer torsos depths this is normally well and deep enough to reach organs deep within the human body. Even the liver will be devestated if a prefrag load hits it.

A few years ago there was a 350lb. would be sexual assaulter who took 1 blue Glaser hit in his large belly fat. He went into shock,sat down, looked at the extensive bleeding wound and asked not to be shot again. That's about stopping someone. Not on being lethal.

While this is not a overall endorsement of the prefrag loads it does show they do their job.

One down side is prefrag rounds will dump their loads in an arm if that is hit first. There will be little or no further penetration or little damage to the recipient.

So the benefits have to be weighed against the cons.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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