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bad luck on new gun

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i have been having trouble with my maverick 88, but mossberg has been A+ on helping me fix it. so with their great service i decided to get another maverick 88 today so my wife and i could shoot together. i bought it at walmart still in box as i don't like getting display models, i checked it out on the working slide and everything was smooth, so i bought it. got it home and the front bead is broken off, i did not think to check the barrel as there isn't much to go wrong. i really hate calling mossberg again about this but they should have checked this. how do i get a new one back on?, i don't think i have a wrench that small, does anyone know the size? thanks
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I've never taken one off, but aren't they threaded and screwed into a tapped hole in the barrel?

The barrel doesn't have a serial number on it...maybe the store would swap out barrels with another one in a box and send the one with the broken bead back to the distributor.
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