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Back again....burr problem

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A few weeks ago I went to the range, and while I was waiting for my buddy to show up I was bored, and decided to inspect my pistol. I noticed that part of the slide seemed to have formed a burr, and that it was cutting a bit of the polymer frame. Does anyone else have this problem? It doesnt seem to interfere with the operation of the firearm, but it is a bit concerning.


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It looks like peening to me. Is file it off and see if it returns. If it does you need to look where metal is hitting metal.
Also, is that a 111G2? That area of the slide looks way different than mine.
Yes, its a 111 g2. Im going to file it off when I get some time but I wanted to document it and ask you guys first. The only place this burred area contacts metal is on [what I assume is] the trigger block release:
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Less than 500 for sure.
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