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I started on a project thats been in the back of my mind for alittle while.

although i'm working on a raging bull it might work for the other 1 piece grips if successful.

so far I've covered the grip tang with a plastic bag, cut ,edges melted together,heat formed to shape to make a protective sheaf .

I was considering filling in the voids with plumbing putty and using a release agent but passed ,not really wanting to disassemble to get stray putty out.

For the grip material I'm using np1 a polyurethane sealant .
It's used for a bunch of stuff but the easiest for most people to see and touch (to check out ) is sealing sidewalks and buildings.
Its the rubbery stuff in the joints of newer buildings

I magic marker d where grip outline on the gun was(save some cutting and shaping?)

next I layed a bunch of beads on the protected tang.
looked a lot like a pile of Grey poop .(comes in other colors so
maybe a multi-colored if I need a second attempt)
using wetted and rewetted hands I formed it sort of close and then gripped it .
It needed more in spots so I put it upside down on its sights and waited for the water to dry .
I built up and reformed,set it out of the way to cure.

It's very slow curing stuff .
I'll be keeping a nervous eye on it but 3-4 days until taking it off the gun a week or two until working on it is about what I expect , and wouldn't be surprised if it takes a little longer.

well I'll either have a grip or some idea of what doesn't work in a week or so
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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