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ATI Strike Force AK Stock and New PT-92 Duo-Tone

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Saturday morning following work, I decided to finally hit the range depite the chance of rain. It was a slight misting while I was there, but nothing bad and the wind was almost non-existent. Since I had a buddy with me, I decided not to pull down targets for show and tell, mostly because I didn't want him to be embarrassed for leaving a man sized target untouched from 100 yards. I used the excuse that they were too wet so he didn't know my real reasoning.

Starting off, we'll go with the ATI Strike Force stock on my I.O. Inc. AK-47. That thing makes it feel like a completely new gun in my hands, the contour of the new lower hand guard made me feel like I wasn't holding an AK at all, it felt closer to the curve of my Marlin 795 with a little added beef. I absolutely love the feel of the recoil pad instead of the hard plastic ribs from the O.E.M. stock, and the adjustment made it so much easier to keep the gun on target at longer distance. Just one click back from the receiver and it felt amazingly light in my hands. All in all, it was well worth the $100 to modernize a true champion in firearms engineering.

And now onto my 92.... WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO BUY ONE OF THESE!?!? OMG!! I am absolutely in love with this pistol, and even using 3 different brands of ammo it didn't skip a beat. I ran through 125 rounds of Tula, and aside from the single round with an exceptionally hard primer, it didn't have a single hiccup. Another 75 rounds of PPU went through perfectly, and the 50 rounds of Remington UMC's I took along ran just as well, even with the pistol being filthy from the previous 200 rounds.

Will continue when I get my last break..... still at work right now.


Ok, now that I'm back, it's time to continue. The last thing I was focused on with that pistol was grouping my shots, I was testing the function of the pistol for any possible failures. No random dropped mags, no misfeeds, no jams, no stovepipes, just pure unadulterated enjoyment shot after shot.

Overall, I consider this 92 an absolute winner, and I can now see why this series has such a large following no matter who has their name on the slide. I should be kicking myself for waiting so long to buy one, but if I hadn't waited, I may have never found this duo-toned beauty. I'll post some glamour shots once I get it cleaned up all pretty again.
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