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AR15 muzzle brake/flash hider

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I am thinking of replacing my standard A2 bird cage flash hider with something different. What do you use on you gun?
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A2 Birdcage flash hider - works like a charm. Are you exceeding the effective range for the A2??
A2 Birdcage flash hider - works like a charm. Are you exceeding the effective range for the A2??
I just want something different. Maybe something with a sleek look.
Aesthetics matter, I suppose - at least they don't cost much. ;)
Depends on what you want. There is a broad selection to choose from. Pick something that looks good and has good reviews and go with it.
I have a battlecomp 1 on my AR. Somewhat expensive but it was what I wanted. It gets good reviews. http://www.battlecomp.com[/url
Let me know what you come up with. I wouldn't mind a fake suppressor that covers the barrel. My Colt le6920 has a short shroud, making the barrel look too long.
Personally I like the birdcage flash suppressors. They're solid on the bottom so they don't kick up dust and give your position away if you're shooting from the prone position. Some may disagree, but I think the solid bottom with the slots on top also helps to keep the muzzle down. And they're closed on the end so they don't catch on 'wait a minute vines' when you're moving through heavy vegetation. And it's not the military's first attempt at a flash hider for the M16/M4 platform, either - the first unit was open on the end, and caught on all kinds of stuff. The next had a closed front end, but it was vented on the bottom and had the 'dust' problem. The current version works pretty doggone good, if you ask me.
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I use a Vortex on mine. It eliminates almost all of the flash, and yes I shot it at night. It doesn't have a solid bottom though
I've got standard A2s and a couple of Yankee Hill YHM-28-5Cs. Supposedly, the YHM doubles as a hider and a modest compensator, plus the bottom portion of it is enclosed to reduce dust when firing prone. I can't offer any specific, objective proof of the compensator claims, but I have been very pleased with them in any case, particularly given their price compared to some of the alternatives out there. And, for whatever it's worth, I'll say that both of the rifles I currently have them on shoot very well. (One of them in particular shoots well under 0.5 MOA, even with plain old M855.)
With the 223, will really be hard to tell the difference i think. The recoil, It's so minimal, IMO. I actually will be swapping to a brake bc of the look, follow up shots, etc. I'd prefer the concussion and flash in a close quarter situation :)

But seriously I've been around both, I personally couldn't tell out side of muzzle flash the difference.
I have the AAC Blackout flash hider on a AR15 and on a AR10, they work good and double as an adapter for their suppressors. BLACKOUT® 51T Flash Hider

I also use the Troy Industries Claymore muzzle break on a couple of my competition ARs. Troy Claymore Muzzle Brake 5.56mm|Muzzle Break|Upgrade|Troy Industries| | Brakes They channel the gasses forward away from the shooter and work good as a brake, I like them, others shooting next to me love them!!
I've been using the standard M4/M16/AR15 Smith Enterprise "Good Iron" Muzzle Brake for about 15 years now. Good Iron? Muzzle Brakes : Smith Enterprise, Inc.

Before that, I just used the Standard A2 Flash-Hider.

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