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My understanding is TALO disti custom-altered and marketed these guns. Note another difference is a fixed rear sight. You WANT that Hi-viz front (see similar S&W pack-guns) tho a 'smith could always put something else in. Alaska is mostly night half the year. This arm is truly meant to be a back-country, back-packer-type, Close-Quarter-Combat gun for big bear, etc., lethality vs. your person. It is accordingly shorter and a little lighter than the 4" Tracker which actually has a 3" barrel w/a 1" ported barrel shroud. The original longer, compensated, gun is, I'll say, a little rough to shoot with full-power 300 gr. hardcast bullet rounds (even w/two-handed hold) -- this TALO will be a little tougher and not afford you much comfortable target practice with Kodiak-Bear demanding ammo...

But so what?! The compact frame isn't really made for such, you won't be using this for anything beyond 7 or 15 yds. in range or real life (right?), and it is small, downright low-priced, and just a super-cool gun that may be a collector's item very soon...

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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