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Not reloading specificly for a .45 24/7 Pro, but I have shot my IPSC Match reloads in one with no problems and excellent accuracy. Will probably get a .45 24/7 Pro, down the road.

All of my "other" .45's generally get my IPSC Match Reload of a 200 grn Berry's Plated Flat Point under a charge of WST, lit off by a Winchester Primer. Average Chronographed velocity is 850 fps from an EAA Witness 4.5 inch barrel, 865 fps from a 5 inch barreled 1911, and 840 fps from a 4.2 inch barreled Taurus PT945.

Berry's also makes a 200 grn Round Nosed Bullet for those phobic about the feeding of Flat Pointed Bullets. Also note that Berry's Bullets are sized .001 over the typical Jacketed Bullet sizing and Cast Bullet Data should be utilized in developing a Load.

Bought my current supply of 3000 awhile back and prices have risen dramaticly, so you can't touch them for what I paid for them. Check the Berry's Website for current prices.
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