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I just bought a PT140 Mil Pro. Waiting out the 10 days here in Cali. It was sold as a new gun, but the mag release is installed on the right side of the frame for a leftie. While handling the gun in the store (and saying goodbye for a week and a half) I looked inside and out for a retaining pin or something to remove to switch it back to the left side, but didn't see one, and the store owner was clueless. The manual says nothing about it, and I didn't see a pin or screw or anything identified in the exploded view either.

Has anyone switched theirs or had it out for any reason and can tell me how to do it? (pics would be nice, but I have a reasonably visual mind, so I'm sure I can follow a simple explanation).

Thanks in advance
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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