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Anybody with a Red Dot Site.

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Has anybody used a Red Dot Site like the Fastfire on a Taurus revlover ?
If so how was it mounted ?
At the range I had trouble focusing on the Iron Sites.
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I had one on my M17 for a while. Used a Taurus scope base. Weigand also makes one for quite a few Taurus.

Scope Mounts Weaver Style Base Weigand
Just ordered a TruGlo from Ebay. I'll report my findings. I'll may put it on my 94 or maybe the BL-22 lever. Had to have one just to play with, curiosity...
Just received the TruGlo Site yesterday. I am impressed. I am going to mount it in the 94, but first I need to head out the my machine shop and go to work on an adapter to get it mounted. I will post pics of my progress.
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