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Hello all; I was thinking about going to the show at the Fair Grounds tomorrow, but wanted a range report from someone that had been there today as to whether it was even worth going to.... Thanx in advance!

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Posted this in the thread I started the other day:

As planned I went to the gun show this morning. I was surprised, it was no where as crowded as I thought it would be. There were still a lot of people there but no ridiculous line to get in.

For the most part gun prices were near pre-November prices, still a little on the high side. Seems like everyone had their tables well stocked. AR's were hit and miss, some vendors still had crazy prices on them, most had decent but slightly high prices on them. WASR Ak's were still way over priced. One vendor had 10 of them listed for $849.00 each and said that was under his cost. He said he was paying as high as $900.00 wholesale to keep them in stock in his store and at shows. Now that the market has dropped on them he said they are not selling. I offered $600.00 and he just laughed.

A lot of ammo was available, it was going pretty fast. The only .22lr available was way over priced still. Asking prices for bricks were $75-$100, many of them were just sitting, can't say I saw anyone handle any let alone buy any. Best price I saw on 5.56 was PMC X-tac at $13.00 per box of 20 and it was going pretty fast, vendor had many cases of it under his table. Many vendors were still trying to get $1.00 per round, not much was selling. All other calibers were priced all over the place and selling pretty good.

A lot of Red Dot powder available, other then that not much to choose from as far as reloading supplies go. No primers, no bullets, some over priced brass was available.

People did not seem like they were in panic buying mode, hopefully things are slowly getting better.
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