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The Standard Issue for the Brazilian Military has been the PT92, replacing some of the older Beretta 92 pistols in stock. Some of the other smaller Taurus 9mm semi-autos may be optional issue where a smaller handgun may be preferred. Taurus has quite a line-up of Military hardware it sells around the world.

Taurus Pistols of various models are very popular with Brazilian Police Departments, as are a few others. Notably CZ75BD's (DAO version) and the occasional rare Sig P226, probably due largely to it's more expensive price.

Source: Shooting Industry

As for Domestic US PD's, many Taurus Pistols are on "Approved Lists" for many agencies, not standardizing on one type of handgun, where the Officers must purchase and maintain their own Firearms. That is certainly the case in this area. Currently, I know of only one Taurus PT100 carrier. The rest seem to have gone with S&W, H&K, and Glock.
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