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A tip for anyone that is interested they are getting a decent sized shipment in by 6pm tonight but no 22LR. 40, 45, 9mm all coming in. They have a one box limit so bring your mom and cousins if you want more then one box.

Here's how I know this:

I called Antioch Wal-Mart because their website showed they had ammo. A lady in sporting goods confirmed they did but 9mm would not last an hour but the 225 count packs of 22LR would make the day. I drive down there with the wife (they have a one box limit per customer) and they had nothing. I talk to the lady I spoke with on the phone and she says "well we only had 8 boxes". She felt bad but never admitted she said they had a day's worth of stock. Her manager told me that she shouldn't have told me to come unless I would be there in 5 min with the stock they had and apologized. Then she gave me the tip about tonight's shipment. They were nice but good thing we brought the grocery list too or that would have been a total waste.
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