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Anti-gun successes

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Many of us have praised the increase of states going for CCW permits. But am I the only one who is thinking the anti-gunners have succeeded by adding rules that still make it illegal to carry in EXACTLY the places where we could save the most lives?

The loonies select places of public gatherings - and schools. So anti-gunners set it up so malls, churches, parks, schools, etc. are excluded.

So far, statistics show that public attacks have gone down in CCW states, but sooner or later the creeps will figure out that politicians have set up the laws in their favor.

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I can find some things to bit** about, but in general I am happy with the fact that I can carry and can defend my life and property. And yes, to a certain extent I agree that the creeps will/can figure these restrictions out.
But those restrictions vary by the State.

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